Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anonymous - offtopic

To the anonymous person who put such a kind comment on one of my posts... Thank you so much. I have not blogged for a while because... well... I have 5 kids, one being an 8 month old... not sure where my heart was the past year... but my mind has been full lately....

the future
the lost
a place to call home... not that the Raleigh area is not home... it always will be. My family is here... but my husband and I have never found a church where we felt "at home." We have been at some great churches where we have some great friends and were involved in some great ministries, but as two seminary grads, that was just not what God had called us to. I guess we have never used the gifts God had really given us for church planting.... but... there is hope on the horizon. We can see it and feel it and love it... it is called Baltimore... Streetlite to be exact. We love the people. We love the pastor and his wife. We love the area (I did inner-city ministry there when I was single just a couple of years out of college). Our hearts are already there... We are just waiting...

There's also a little hesitation to now uprooting 5 kids to go live in a more different place than I have ever been as a mom.... but I want this so bad for my husband. He glows when he gets to use his gifts to help this pastor regroup and brainstorm and create a place where lost people want to come. I want this so badly for him.

"Father we believe You have brought us to this place... to this church... to Brian and Carol... and I know your timing is perfect... so I will just trust you...