Wednesday, October 11, 2006

World Traveler

Wow, it's been a few weeks since I have blogged about anything...

So much has happened I don't know where to start. I've been to London and Paris and back. An amazing story to get there, and many amazing stories while we were there and since we've been back. I hope to share them with you. God is so amazing. We are so ready to be in Paris. We actually have people on the ground waiting for us... nonchristians!! We are so excited!

We believe God has something so huge we can't even imagine. As I walked the streets of Paris and saw the babies (you never see children over 3 because they are in preschool and school) my heart broke thinking these kids have almost no opportunity to hear the gospel. As I walked on the streets I also thought, "I have walked for hours the past two days and could very well have never passed a Christian."

It's overwhelming, my life will never be the same, my kids will not have a normal childhood, they may very well not grow up with grass in their yard ... but I'm excited about what God wants to do. Our comfort is not worth 59 million people going to hell with no opportunity to hear the gospel.

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Jean Ohlerking said...

Maybe your kids will not have the "normal" childhood of their USA peers, but they will have the extraordinary experience of living in France--learning a new language, a new culture, tasting new foods, making new friends. And they will grow up knowing dad and mom answered God's call to take the gospel to people who don't yet know Him. It will make them extraordinary people.

There'll be bumps as you get accustomed to your new lives there, but the bumps will help you all grow closer to each other as you depend on the Lord together.

We'll be praying for you!