Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hello to everyone or no one because I'm not sure who would be interested in reading what a 38 year old former (very competitive) runner and mother of four (ages 5,3,2,and 1 -no there's not alot to do in Youngsville, NC :-) would have to say. Actually I take that back. A 38 year old mother who has survived four kids, getting to old to do what she loves best, and contemplating mid-life crisis, should have alot to say about how she survived four children, is still married, and is not on some type of legal drug, or locked up somewhere becuse she went postal (especially if all four of her children are within five years of each other).

Maybe some of you reading this are supermoms and are exceedingly blessed with the gift of organization and management. Well, I scored really low in those categories on those types of tests, so it's safe to say motherhood has been by far the biggest challenge of my life. Well, that and trying to figure out my husband, and how to do that whole submission thing.

I do score really high on hanging out with people and meeting complete strangers and making them feel like friends. So I guess you could come over and we could discuss our struggles and joys of life and motherhood over coffee (don't mind the screaming in the background, if there's no blood, it's still a good day) and it would be safe to say if my house is clean, don't open the closets :-)

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