Thursday, May 25, 2006

I want to start this morning by introducing my husband to you. He is a bigger (or at least as big) a visionary as myself...or maybe he just explains himself a little better. We are totally incompatible by the worlds standards and certainly would never have met on He barely meets any of my needs, and I meet very few of his...yet the God of the universe chose to bring us together. We often wondered if we (Ken & I) had made a mistake in the mate we chose, but now if you ask me, as I see the path God is leading us in, I wouldn't want to be any other place in this world. I feel like I am going to make an astronomical difference in the "Kingdom of God" because of who I am married to. If we are, as the Bible says, "as iron sharpens iron", Ken and I create major fire when we sharpen one another, and I believe we together, with the God of the universe, are just niave enough to think we can charge hell with a water pistol.

Now he still doesn't fill very many of my needs, and I am still clueless to his, but we are more in love with each other today than we ever thought possible. So if your marriage seems hopeless and you wake up some days thinking I married the wrong person, take heart, don't give up, hang in there until you can hang no longer, and then keep hanging. God is bigger than any need you have or any mistakes you've made, and He will show up. Who knows, maybe God never intended Ken & I to be together, but because of our undying devotion to Him and our iron will to not give up hope, He has decided to show His power by taking our personal mess and change the world, just to bring Him glory and give you hope.

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Alie said...

Hey gina.. great blog! I like it alot..!