Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas!... the best time of year!

Well, we survived!! Yes, we made it back home from our "Christmas Vacation" alive with only three congested coughs, two ear infections, and one sinus/ chest infection. Sounds like the end of the 12 days of Christmas. The house is still a wreck, suitcases not quite unpacked, laundry up to my eyeballs, but we're at least able to lay around in our own home while being sick.

We did have a wonderful Christmas Eve: first in the pediatrics "after hours" office, then lunch at a sandwhich shop (just our immediate noncontageous but sick family), and then we took the kids to see "The Nativity Story". Except for the passion, it was the most moving movie I have ever seen, even if I did have to watch it on the floor near the door to keep my 19 month old entertained and quiet so as not to disturb the theatre... and of course there were those three parts that I missed because I was taking a child to the potty. But even with all that, it was amazing to visually see (in a way) Jesus as a newborn baby... acting like a baby (and obviously I love babies) :-). It also really blew me away to see how Mary and Joseph were greatly looked down upon and how this pregnancy was looked on as illigitimate.

I mean Just imagine if this happened to a young couple we knew in our day and time. Here you have a young Godly couple ready to set out and serve the Lord, maybe go to the mission field, and the girl gets pregnant from someone else and then makes up this crazy super-spiritual story that she is impregnated by God. We would say what a kook and a slut. And Joseph we would label an idiot for staying with her. We sort of miss that part in telling the Christmas story don't we.

It reminded me again in such a real way to think Jesus really does understand our struggles. He came into the world as an outcast; first through his people, then through his parents. But those who sought out this Christ child, in faith, were a part of the most amazing act of history, and were written about in the most popular book ever written in history that will live on forever. I cried through most of the movie. (Oh the joys of being a mom of 4 small children. I love it!)

I pray not only I, but you also will be a seeker of the most amazing human in history this next year.


Roywife said...

I found your blog again... I must have forgotten the 4 in the title or something and couldn't find it for the longest time.
We, too, just got back from our family vacation with another family to Colorado. The kids all learned to ski, our oldest (12 now) got to ski the blue slopes all day with her Daddy. What a joy... for them. I stayed in bed for 5 days with bronchitis/pneumonia, all magnified by the altitude. Miserable, yes, but still thankful for my family to get to try something new and spend great time together.
I loved your new update letter, I will continue to pray for your family and see how I can help on this end...
Love to you all,

Jean Ohlerking said...

i really want to see that movie...

we also had a grand christmas here in swaziland. we are so, so blessed.

ate too much though.

love reading your stuff.