Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blogging Blues

I hate that I have not blogged in almost two weeks. I guess if I had any following I have pretty much killed that by now. I know how I get when I am excited to see what someone has posted only to find they haven't had the time either.

I don't think I've ever blogged about us finishing our upstairs (the main reason we bought this house). Okay so it's taken us (I say us, but it is really my husband) three years to have it livable, and now we're down to the painstaking finish work : the second coat of paint, finish all the trim, finish the bathroom, etc., and then the moving of furniture (which of course means you have to paint that horrible looking shelf - all while kids toys and books lay around everywhere).

And then of course there's the never-ending, ever-growing laundry that gets pushed to the side to that you can do this extra-curricular activity. Have I ever mentioned that I hate clutter... but I do not have an organized mind, therefore I live in lots of clutter that drives me crazy.

... and with all this, Ken is out of town for three days and all my kids have a stomach bug that between them has lasted 7 days... and it comes out both ends.

So when I feel bad about not blogging, God reminds me that: I am a child of God first (in need of a relationship with Him), a wife and mom second; there are alot of people living in horrible circumstances around the world, many going to hell because they've never heard a clear presentation of the gospel; I am running and racing like I never thought I would again; and I am blessed with health, a wonderful husband, and four healthy beautiful kids... blogging is just a perk I love to do in my spare time. :-)


Anonymous said...

What is it with your kids getting sick while Ken is away? Major bummer. I'm praying for you!

Jean Ohlerking said...

i enjoy reading your stuff...and if there's not a new one up, no problem...i'll check later on.

you won't lose me as a reader!

we'll be praying for your kids.

The Freeland Family said...

Don't worry, Gina. I don't blog as much as I'd like (I can write them in my mind all day but never seem to get the time on the computer to put the words "in ink"). And I'm sure you have more people reading yours than I do:)

Glad your house is almost finished. Wasn't that a prayer request for you when I met you in the MotherWise Bible study just after we moved here?!?! We'll be able to mark that one "answered" soon.

Enjoy this season of celebrating Jesus' birthday!