Saturday, March 17, 2007

March Madness Fever!!

Do any of you know what March Madness is? It is a term used for those crazy basketball fans whose lives are turned upside down for about a whole month watching all the basketball that eventually tell what team is the best in the country... and I have to say the Madness has taken over our house.

Needless to say March Madness has been very exciting this year for us. Reason being, we are not your usual March Madness crazies. In fact March usually comes and goes and we don't even remember to turn on the TV until of course the Final Four, and then only if we know one of the teams in it.

Well, this year has been a complete turn around. My husband and I have been converted... Being college football junkies, we both went to Big football schools (well, at least I did... He likes to think he did) :-) I am actually a Lady Vol (that's short for Volunteer ... "Tennessee Volunteers" - and the "Lady" means I actually participated on a sports team while I was there) and Ken went to Texas A&M.... need I say more. Aggies are crazy for their school. When we were first dating and was talking about college football and I said, "Who is Texas A&M?" I really thought that was the end of our relationship... and you think I am kidding. It's probably the root behind all of our fights anyway. I mean who would go out and cut down large trees just to stack them who knows how high, and stand around and watch it burn singing the school fight song. Of course my joking about that was a whole 'nother fight in our relationship. :-)

Anyway, back to basketball. If you are a football fan and you have been keeping up with college basketball this year you probably know the name Acie Law. He has been the superstar on Texas A&M basketball team who has won the game many times over in the last second with some huge crazy shot from over the three point line. He scores most of his points in the last 5 minutes. He is amazing to watch and has made us basketball fans for the first time in our lives. Tennessee has also had a pretty good year and has made it to the second round in the tournament which is also a huge deal for Tennessee.

So needless to say we have sat around and watched basketball almost all day for the past few weeks. And I have got to say this is hard. I don't know how people hold down full time jobs here in NC this being such a hot house for basketball fans. Of course Duke fans don't have to worry about missing work this year. (Did I just say that? Sorry it slipped.)

Anyway this is fun!! Texas A&M made it to the third round I think for the first time in the schools history in a nail biting game against Louiville. Go A&M!! And Tennessee plays tomorrow in hopes to make it to the third round to play #1 seed Ohio State (Wow I even know the lingo!). I could really get into this. It doesn't mix well with having to take care of kids, though, because I have to keep telling them to be quiet, and can't they get their own food, and get out of the way I can't see. (my kids are 6, 4, 2, and 1)

We got it so bad if the game is not shown in our area, Ken hooks up his mama jama laptop and we watch it on there. This could be bad if both our schools make it to the top eight; Texas A&M would play Tennessee. Can you say family crisis!! We will definitely need counseling after that. So I admit! We are hooked!!

And how 'bout VCU!!! I always loved the story of Cinderella as a child.

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