Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tricia Lawrenson discharged today at 10:30!!!

I cannot believe I am putting a post up about Tricia being discharged from the hospital today. If you have no idea what I am talking about you have to go to her husbands blog and read about a modern day miracle. Having a double lung transplant only a few weeks ago after carrying a baby for 6 months against the advice of her doctors if she wanted to live, and then being told she would probably never make the transplant list again, delivering the baby at 25 weeks while under sedation not being sure that either one could survive the delivery... they decided to choose life for their baby against all odds, and God has chosen to let us see a modern day miracle through someone who, like Abraham in the Bible, sacrificed it all even when it didn't make sense.

How many of us can really say, I lay everything down... even if it doesn't make sense... even if we look like fools... even if it means losing our life. Tricia can truly say she laid her life down for another life, and God gave her "life" back.


Wilbanks World said...

Hi Gina!

Haven't heard from you in a while. How are you guys? Check us out at http://wilbanksworld.blogspot.com

I guess I got suckered into the blogging world too. Maybe some big news to share later!

Hope everyone's well! We love you!

ShaneBertou said...

We've been following their story pretty much since day one. We're so happy that she finally got to leave the hospital. Can't wait until the baby can join them!

What an awesome story.