Monday, August 20, 2007

Viva la France!

As I have been catching up on my blog reading, This French Life had a couple of great articles... one about French markets, and the other about thieves pumping gases into caravans... And just when you thought France was the perfect place to live. I will post the article about markets, but you will need to follow the link to read about the thieves. :-)

SUMMER market in France can turn up some real surprises, but can also turn into a bit of a mad crush as once quiet village squares fill up to bursting point.

I've spotted a number of entertaining articles over the past couple of days that highlight the many characters, differences and treasures you can find.

16è grande Foire à la Brocante à Ribérac
Clare spots some fabric for her quilting work, but at a price that would make anyone wonder if they were seeing straight.

My French gourmet summer vacation, part 1
An interesting insight into the changes a Frenchman has seen after living in the US when it comes to all things food and wine upon his return to France.

When food tribes go abroad An entertaining look at some of the people you can cross in French markets, and others. I'm sure you will recognise one or two.

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