Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Levi!!

7 years ago yesterday, October 10th 2000, I became a mom for the first time. I was not one of those moms who broke out into tears when my child was born... I actually was in a little bit of shock. Being 32 and spending 30 years of my life single, marriage had already been a huge hurdle... so when they laid him on my chest right after he was born, he looked like an alien, and seeing that I was in a little bit of shock, the nurses finally said, "You can touch him."

...Those next 2-3 days in the hospital were some of the best days of my life though. Being cooped up in a room with the two most important men in my life, being waited on hand and foot by great nurses at Raleigh Community Hospital, and having people come visit me... I thought I was in heaven... so I did it three more times. :-) In fact I did it three more times so quickly the nurses at the hospital began to call me by my first name and would just laugh when they would see me come in.

Maybe in a couple of years I can talk my husband into doing it one more time. (Okay if he reads this blog I am busted)

Oh well...
Can I just say I love chatting with my blogging friends. You guys are so awesome! Thanks for such sweet comments. I hope to meet you all someday, and if it's not on this side of the ocean, please come visit us in France... You have a place to stay.

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Jean Ohlerking said...

Happy birthday, Levi!

Gina, I understand your love for your I am at 67, wishing I'd have had more kids (we had 4). So now, instead, I'm just throughly enjoying the grandkids. I know I couldn't keep up with them 24/7, but sure love the time we do have together.

God has blessed us abundantly. And looks like He's done the same for you. In MANY ways. And I know He won't quit. This is just the beginning.

What will tomorrow bring?