Sunday, February 17, 2008

16 questions to ask yourself

I love these questions by Vince Antonucci. I think we all should ask ourselves these every day.

  • If I feel most alive when I’m watching a movie or playing a video game or reading a book or watching sports, if those are consistently the best parts of my day, what does that say about my life? Shouldn’t it be more exciting to live my life than to watch someone else live theirs?

  • In the Bible Jesus led his followers into dangerous places. Do I often find myself in dangerous places? And if not, what does that mean?

  • Despite being completely righteous, Jesus attracted the worst of sinners. Are sinful people drawn to me, or are they put off by my so-called righteousness?

  • When Jesus came into contact with people, their lives were radically transformed. Are people’s lives changed by knowing me?

  • Do I have sinful habits I can’t seem to shake? Why?

  • What do I dream about? What does my mind automatically turn to? What should it?

  • Would the people who know me best say my life is characterized by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control?

  • Do I read the Bible and pray because I can’t wait to spend time with God, or because it’s what I’m supposed to do as a Christian?
  • And why do I skip my Bible and prayer time on weekends or when I’m out-of-town? Is that time really just a habit, a part of my routine, or is it the sacred conversation it’s supposed to be?

  • Am I living in a safe Christian bubble? If so, why does the world scare me?

  • What do I use to escape from my problems? Why do I need to escape from my problems at all? Shouldn’t Jesus help me handle them?

  • Do I serve because I get to, or because I have to?

  • Do I get upset about things in a way that is disproportionate to their importance?

  • What are the top items on my current wish list?

  • The word Christian literally means “little Christ” – so am I a Christian or do I just call myself one?

  • Why isn’t Jesus enough for me?

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Robin said...

Great questions! Ones we all need to ask ourselves or better yet have an accountability partner ask us...

Robin said...

I just noticed the name of the author - I think I once knew someone by that name... maybe I've got the last name a bit off... But if its the person I'm thinking of he used to be an associate pastor at a church I went to about 10 years ago. He and his wife Jen (if its the same person) moved to the VA Beach area to do a church plant. I am going to a different church now, so I lost touch with the person I'm thinking of...hmmm

Robin said...

Me again... I just did some research and I think 99.9% sure that I used to attend church with Vince. How cool... Small world! I doubt he remembers me and my husband, but I just left a post on his church blog. Sounds like he's in Israel now... How cool!