Monday, February 18, 2008

Would You Rather...

The MMI weblog is doing a hysterical survey of what people would rather do.

Would you rather have a root canal, or confront your chief church opponent?

Would you rather clean the church bathroom after the annual youth taco dinner, or switch your service to an "all organ all the time" for a month?

Here are their results so far:

We've learned that 47% of readers would rather have a root canal than confront their chief church opponent (53% said they'd rather confront their angatonist). Last week, we learned that 56% of MMI readers would rather clean the church bathroom after the annual youth taco dinner than switch their services to "all organ all the time" for a month (31% said they'd take the organ). Nice. Now it's time for this week's question. Would you rather, break your leg in a tragic church softball collision (a multiple compound fracture with at least a little bone showing) OR would you rather fire a close friend on your church staff who just isn't pulling his/her weight?

I laughed out loud reading these, because some of them I'm not really sure which I would pick.

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Robin said...

Can I pick an option C - :) Work with the friend to fix the problem. I know I'm cheating... Can't decide which I'd choose - not really a fan of unnecessary pain physical or emotional.