Friday, February 08, 2008

Update on Precious People We Pray For

An update on all my blog friends I have been praying for:

Nate and Tricia: please pray for Tricia. Several things have to happen for her to be put on the transplant list, and two of them have to do with her health. There are also two other families in the NICU at Chapel Hill they have been ministering to; one who lost their baby, and the other whose situation looks very grave. You can read more about these stories on their blog.

2 year old Noah: I have fallen in love with this little boy and am so sad for him tonight. He is home from the hospital and can't have any solid food for many weeks and doesn't understand why. He cries alot and his parents don't understand why. You can read more detail on their blog.

Daniel: A 10 year old boy born premature at 22 weeks and has alot of disabilities including blindness, who just had brain surgery in hopes to deal with severe seizures. So far his recovery has been really good and he is back at home much sooner than the doctors expected. Praise God for what he is doing in this little boys life. A friend of theirs blogs about his story.