Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How Big Is Your Faith?

Why do we in America pray such small prayers? Why can't we believe God in the small things?

This is a testimony of a sister involved in the 40 days of prayer for France. I praise God that it reminds me of the power I and all believers have inside of us that we need to tap into.

The town of Saint Quentin in Yvelines organized a Carnival of Darkness which was to take place in a 3 year cycle, the first year being a parody of the Father, the second a parody of the the Son, and the third of the Holy Spirit. A group of Christian women led a prayer battle. In the course of their weekly meetings, they took hold of the armor of the Holy Spirit by faith to bind this action of Satan. The Lord answered: a torrential rain created havoc during the very first event; there were considerable material damages. The organizers wanted to try again the two following years. The same prayer group repeated their battle of faith, and all that was planned for the carnival failed. The last year, lightning struck the piano and the electrical wires. These disasters caused a legal quarrel between the organizers, in particular about the ownership of the name Darkness Carnival.

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