Saturday, February 16, 2008

From Prostitute to Bride

Day 11 Prayer for France

A French Christian said, "France has a reputation for being the land of libertines and of lust, the land of "Pigalle", of the "French Cancan", and the "French Kiss". Our reputation is fiendish, but God loves our country and wants to purify and sanctify it.

The 16th century Italy laid the foundation for a new lifestyle, by re-reading the Greek philosopher Epicurus. But it was France that spread this influence, developing different forms of Libertinism, directly opposed to Christian values. This licentiousness, in all its aspects, has become a kind of French institution, as well known as its wines and cheeses.

As in Hosea 2, France similarly gives the picture of a prostitute in a literal sense as well as a figurative one. She has given herself to false gods... but through His church, God is reaching out to her to purify and restore her, to bring her out of her shame and guilt and to give her back her dignity.

May she at last be free to be passionate in worshiping the One who is worthy of it. Oh Church of France, who still has the heart of a Fiancee, be faithful and reveal to the world the hidden source of endless love.

Ask God
to be faithful to be slow to anger abounding in love, faithful to his covenant and mindful of the cry of His Church in France.

Humble ourselves and intercede for the media and for all those who communicate values.

Proclaim with faith... May France rise up as a bride!

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