Thursday, May 17, 2007

My God Is So Awesome!!

I wanted to write some inspirational blog today, but I didn't want my picture of the Arch de Triomphe to be moved down where I don't see it first thing when I go to my blog... and I love that blog. It was from my heart. Do you ever have those. I also like the link to my husbands blog that I refer to on the last blog. And, since mine is like a small essay on the Arch, I will just keep this short so everyone can finish reading it or go back and remember what it was they read.

I also have to say comfirmation of our new step of faith (stepping down from our missions organization & creating "Catalyst France") has been overwhelming. People have actually come up to us or emailed us and said, "we would like to support your ministry in France, where do I send the money." I want to burst out crying (for joy) every time that happens. It overwhelms me that God really does care about our dreams and does not call us to do something He does not provide for.


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Sue said...

Although I'm not able to support you financially, I can and will support you guys in prayer.
Father God, continue to bless Catalyst they work to bring the lost in Europe home to you.