Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oh, the Joys of Motherhood!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! to all those overworked, exhausted, unappreciated, but blessed mothers.

I woke up this morning with the opportunity to, well... be a mother. As I lay there in bed hoping this would be an opportunity to read in a quiet room while my husband made breakfast and thinking what it would be like to get to enjoy a delicious breakfast I had nothing to do with... in bed...

...A crying (okay screaming) almost 2 year old let me know my peace and quiet was short lived. I went into the kitchen to help my husband with the omelet he was trying not to burn for me, while trying to appease our youngetst children. I Helped my daugher find some pants. Continued helping my husband by cutting up pancakes as he cooked them for the kids. Changed a stinky diaper. Cleaned up the table and filled the dishwasher while my husband helped the kids get their Mother's day card done and wrap a present. Broke up a fight somewhere in there I'm sure, and finally sat down in my fuzzy slippers to drink some tea. (We did go to church last night if anyone is wondering why I'm sitting around and casually drinking tea on a Sunday morning) :-)

Oh the joys of motherhood...

I will say I am getting to enjoy my new CD of the soundtrack from "When Harry Met Sally"... How did the kids know I would like that? I am so impressed.


Jane-Jane said...

I love to hear men trying to function as moms... it is funny. But their hearts are so beautiful to attempt such a huge task.

You are blessed to be a mommy... Happy Mother's Day!

AND... once NewSpring posts today's sermon, ya gotta watch it... have the tissues handy!

Anonymous said...

Everyday is truly Mother's Day for we are blessed each and every day by our kids. Only today the husband HAS to spoil us!

The Atkinson 6 said...


I loved it! Sounds like a wonderful mothers day!

I hope you enjoy your day!

Oh, I will vouch for your being at church last night;)

The Eckerts said...

Sounds like you had a great mother's day, I'm glad :)