Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Will Your Funeral Look Like?

There are not many people who have ever lived who can say they have closed down an airport or closed down public schools for their funeral. Dr. Falwell truly laid his life down for Christ, and he has reaped an amazing harvest and is being honored in an amazing way. It feels as if heaven also is standing up to honor this man.

According to Tadd Grandstaff's blog, the funeral is set for tomorrow at 1:00 pm. Nancy Regan, George & Barbara Bush, and George W. & Laura Bush are just a few of those that will be attending the service. (You can also link to a live feed of the service from his blog).

The service will be held at Thomas Road Baptist Church with live feeds to the Vines Center (LU's basketball arena) and Williams Stadium (LU’s football stadium) and they are planning for all three locations to be at max capacity with standing room only.

They will also be shutting down the Lynchburg Airport because of the influx of private planes & jets. They are closing all public schools and most private schools by noon tomorrow. They will also be closing the Lynchburg Mall to use their parking lot to shuttle people to the campus. It's really hard to imagine, but a town is basically shutting down for this funeral.

The one thing I began thinking of was that Jerry Falwell was just a man, and he used his gifts and talents to the utmost for Christ. He walked by faith, did the hard things, and was rejected and ridiculed by those who didn't believe the way he did. But it was for those that he did what he did. He loved the lost like few I've known. I have known of Jerry Falwell for a long time, and then got to meet him when I coached track at Liberty, and while my brother-in-law (Matt Fry) was the youth pastor at Thomas Road. But because of how the world has responded to this man's life it has made me take a closer look at mine and ask, "What will my funeral be like?"

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