Thursday, April 26, 2007

"God Stop" Moments

I read a friend of mine's blog, "The Atkinson 6", and would like to share some of it with you. You can go to their blog to read it in it's entirity.

My question is, have you ever felt God's presence in your life? Haven't you felt that peace melt over you from your head to your toes and felt completely whole? Have you ever had a moment, just a moment when you felt that everything was right in your universe and that if there was a perfect moment for you, it was right here and right now. That is God. He is pouring His wonderful love over you!

Beth Moore often talks about "God Stop" moments. Those are moments when something happens and you are stopped from making a serious mistake and you don't know why. It also could be that you take a different way to work and hear on the radio that the way you normally take had a bad accident on it or it could be that He stops you to open a door for you and place someone in your life that will lift you up and encourage at the exact moment that you need it! Moments where God Stops you and redirects your path for whatever reason.

When I read this blog, I thought, "Wow, this is exactly what God is doing in our (Mine & My husband's) life, and the peace and presence of God has melted over us in a way we can't even explain. God is redirecting our steps, and we are having a moment right here right now in our lives where we feel everything is right in our universe. It is a "perfect moment," and God is pouring His wonderful love over us. It's something neither of us has experienced in such a dramatic way before in our lives.

We know God has a deep love for every person in the universe, including the French people. We know God has given us a vision for what He is leading us to do. And we are seeing now the ways he has and is going before us to prepare every detail of His plan. We are humbled to be a part, and pray that we can be worthy of "the calling" He has placed on our lives.

I will be putting a link soon on my blog if you are interested in helping us reach this new generation of French People with the gospel in radical, relevant, artistic, and music jamming ways.

We love you Lord!!


The Eckerts... said...

Great post. Gina, here's my email, could you email me, cause I have a few questions I'd like to ask...

The Figs said...

hi, my fellow alto! so, i've added you on the "friend of the figs" list on our blogspot. please, please don't take a look @ our blog right now. i haven't posted a blog since i initiated it. tsk, tsk, tsk!!!
lovely blog. God "stop or go " moments are glorious! what a wonderful father we have.
add us to your prayer list. you can e-mail us @

see ya saturday for ice cream!!!
:-) jane - mama figs

The Eckerts... said...

Oh my, we're experiencing a huge God stop moment right now. It's a great feeling though to know he is leading. Thanks for the insight!