Thursday, July 12, 2007

Anniversary Night Out & Running Shoes

Check out my hubby's blog on our anniversary. If any guys read it they cannot say I am a woman that is hard to please.


Sue Brown said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!!! 9 years is an accomplishment in todays world. Russ and I will be celebrating 17 yrs on the 21st. Congrats on selling your house. I will pray that you find someplace that will serve your needs until you make the move to France. I admire and learn from your faith in our God. Keep dreaming big for Jesus!!
LY Sue

The Atkinson 6 said...


Congratulations! I pray for many more happy years together for you and Ken!

Please keep us updated on the house and the move to France!

Passing on many blessings!

Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful picture.