Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Love The 4th of July!

I love the 4th of July! I love it almost as much as Christmas. I guess fireworks express so much of my personality. I love excitement. I am a helpless romantic. I love the summer and the nighttime summer air. I got to experience the 4th of July on the Lawn in front of the Capital building in Washington, DC when I was in high school with my family. (Well, I actually saw it from the parking lot where our motorhome vehicle was parked because I was in trouble - but it was still exciting). I love watermelon and cookouts. I love firework shows where there are lots of people because I love meeting people I don't know. I love sitting out on a lawn somewhere sitting on a blanket drinking a cold soda and and kids running around before the fireworks show. I love running road races on the fourth and then going to an all afternoon fun in the park activity and waiting for fireworks.

Okay, here's the humorous part. I got married on the third of July because I thought it would be a fun time to get married and I would get to see fireworks on my honeymoon... and then we went to Cancun. It never occurred to me that they wouldn't celebrate the 4th of July in Mexico. My first child has some sensory issues, and fireworks are incredibly overwhelming to him so that he screams like he is having an autistic meltdown. My other three kids have seen their brother respond like this and have a fear of fireworks because there must be something scary if Levi is that scared. So even if our neighbors shoot off fireworks and they are puny home firworks my kids are crying and won't even sleep in their beds.

So there you have it, I have gotten to enjoy a fireworks show maybe 2 times in the past 9 years. Pretty humorous huh. Oh well, I guess when I'm 70 and my kids are out of the house, I can go and watch as many fireworks as I want. I hope I'll be able to see them. :-)


Jane-Jane said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 9 years...we got married the may before you guys... I was in Florida visiting my sister on the day you got married!

Jack and I got a kick out of your post today. I love your descriptions in this post!!! very vivid and lively!

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary. I am from baton Rouge have 4 kids and we are homeschooling.This will be our 2nd year. I enjoyed reading your blogs. I will visit here again!

The Eckerts said...

Happy anniversary!

I LOVE the 4th as well. I went to the hospital last year because I was having contractions and I begged them to admit me. I wanted soo bad to have Samuel on the 4th! He was due around the 9th, and didn't end up being born until the 17th!!!

That's so funny about going to Cancun for your honeymoon.

Have a great 4th!

Jean Ohlerking said...

Happy anniversary.
Happy Independence Day.
Happy July.
I, too, love this holiday.
I love America. I love the flag. I love the patriotic tunes.
Guess living outside the USA so much of my life has simply deepened my appreciation for these things.

God Bless America.

Jean Ohlerking said...
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