Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Leading With Chazown" Part 4

In part 4 Craig says:

I’d argue that the three most important factors in a church (or business) are:

Vision, Vision, Vision

The people you lead—staff, volunteers, church members, board members, etc.—may understand the vision today, but tomorrow, the vision generally fades or blurs ever-so-slightly. You can never over-communicate the vision.

I believe we are being blessed tremendously right now because God gave my husband a vision, and because he has done these things that Craig has talked about, and has never quit talking about the vision God had gave him.

Hem my husband, also has given up everything for this vision (money, security, position, relationships) and we are now beginning to see the fruits of our sacrifices. We are beginning to be contacted from people all over the U.S. and world wanting to know how they can join us, how they can be a part, or how they can support us financially. I thank God that we learned early on that when you put yourself under the right people and learn from them there is no limit to what God can do through you and for you. Check us out at

We also learned about a month ago that the book Chazown is coming out in French. I think God just showed us one of the first leadership studies we will go through in France. Is that a God thing or what? It feel sort of like Moses when God lead the Israelites by a Cloud by day and fire by night. There was no question as to where He was leading.

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