Sunday, July 01, 2007

Thomals & Nikki - Cont.

I can't believe in all the chaos of a wedding I forgot to tell you the best part. Nikki has a 6 year old son, was never married to the father, but has joint custody of Jacob. Well, you'll never guess where Jacob, his father and stepmom go to church... C3!! (Cleveland Community Church)... Our church!! where mine and Thomas's oldest sister is the pastors wife.

I guess that came up when they first met along with other coincidental things like both being at ECU (East Carolina Univ.) at the same time, and Nikki student teaching with the pastors wife of my younger sisters church in Greenville. But they never met.

Well, they started coming together to C3 the week after they met and never turned back. They both rededicated their lives to the Lord, joined the church, got pre-engagement counseling with a Christian Counselor, got engaged and had a beautiful simple wedding a few months later with lots of honorary guests, including all their lost friends. (I love this part) I had a whole evening to love them for Jesus and invite all of them to church with cards and directions on a cool card. My family purposely sat me at a table with the ones they thought most people would have a hard time talking with, like a bar manager with tatoos and long hair and another friend.

If you want to know who I am, that is it. I love lost people and I love to meet the most unlikely person to ever darken the door of a church and love on them and share my God with them. God has given me a gift of talking with strangers and making them feel like someone really cares about them and their lives... and I am not saying this to brag. I don't have alot of other gifts. You don't want me to organize anything and I don't like to be in charge of alot of people. I am not administrative and I don't do details at all. I usually lose at least 2 or 3 items when I travel unless God puts me with a Type A personality who walks around behind me saying, "Gina don't forget this." And I'm talking important things like the plane ticket or my purse or an important book... Don't you love how God makes up his kingdom.

Anyway, I think the lesson of this story is... You don't have to do everything right for God to make something beautiful of your life...You can even mess up really bad and He can make it seem like that was His plan all along... and I just love that about Him.

P.S. A number of people have asked me to put up wedding photos... well, remember I told you about losing things, well I lost my camera after the rehearsal dinner and found it after the wedding reception was over on the front office table... but I will find some somewhere and post them.

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