Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Ken! July 15

Today is my hubby's birthday! I will not tell you how old he is because my birthday is coming up and I know he will do the same for me. :-)

God created you in your mother's womb before you were born with your specific personality and gifts and talents to fulfill His plan for His Kingdom. You so often can't see the awesome things God created in you... but I can... that's why I married you. It's an honor to follow you in life.

I pray you have many more. We (I and the kids) love you!


Jane-Jane said...

Happy Birthday Ken!!! What a blessed man you are to have another year praising Jesus, and to have Gina as your beautiful bride!

Ken Witcher said...

Thank you baby (Gina) and Jane-Jane. I'm a lucky man.