Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Building Walls Or Bridges

My husband had a great blog called, "Building Walls or Bridges". It said:

All press is not necessarily good press when it comes to the church. When the S. Baptists boycotted Disney it hurt the perception that people had of them. I heard it over and over. It turned into "Southern Baptists hate Mickey Mouse." How can a church hate Mickey Mouse? How cruel! How can you hate a childhood hero? It doesn't matter what the real motivations were behind it, it was bad press.

In the internet world information is fast, free and editorialized. Everything we do and every decision we make affects how the unchurched view church. We must be very careful to differentiate between what is important and what is personal preference. If people don't share our faith it is likely that they won't share our preferences. If we want to change people's view of the church then we must begin to focus our efforts on beginning a conversation with those far from God rather than condemning a world without God for acting unGodly.

For more on why we want to go to France go to kenwitcher.com or catalystfrance.org.

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