Thursday, July 19, 2007

Velib Self-Service Bicycle

"This French Life" said that THIS weekend saw the launch of the Velib self-service bicycle hire system in Paris, which aims to have 200,000 people using the bikes on the capital's streets by the end of the year.

The system allows people to hire the bikes for a period of time to get across town and then drop them off at bike stations that check them for road worthiness in time for the next person.

The bikes are sturdy, utilitarian machines designed for heavy use on the streets of Paris and it is hoped they will be used for regular trips, not sight-seeing, to cut back on road traffic.

Read more about this here:

I wonder if they have bicycles with trailers? :-) ... or a bicycle for 3 (one adult & 2 children) with two additional baby seats?

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Amanda said...

How cool is that. Maybe the us needs to look into this. Much cheaper than using public buses.