Monday, July 16, 2007

The Competitive Spirit

Can I just say it is killing me not to be able to watch Le Tour de France. For those of you who don't know we got rid of our cable a couple of months ago... and I can live with just about everything, but I love competition!!

When the Olympics were on a couple of winters ago, Ken was in Paris, I had all four kids by myself, so we just holed up in our house and I recorded (with our DVR) every event that was shown on T.V. If I had to walk out of the room to tend to a child, I would just pause it. A couple of times I got 2 days behind and would not watch regular T.V. for fear I would find out the final result before I watched it. Yes I watched everything from every second of the opening ceremonies to curling to downhill snowboarding to couples ice dance to long distance skiing to the speed skating... but my all-time favorite was the bi-athalon where they ski and shoot. I can say it was one of the most fun times I have ever had in my life... it was right up there with getting to compete in U.S. Nationals myself. Pretty crazy huh?

So knowing all this about me now you know why it is killing me not to get to watch Le Tour de France. So I am searaching the internet to find out all I can about LeTour and also get updates from This French Life. Today This French Life also has a great post on what goes on when Le Tour de France Circus comes to town. If you have any more interest search the web. I have been able to watch small pieces of it here and there... but it is just not the same. :-) Maybe next year I can have a front row seat in Paris.

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