Sunday, June 10, 2007

Are All Your Friends "Cool"?

My husband just put up a good post on believing in the little guy. You should check it out, because that's really who Jesus was and is, and how we should live our lives. There are alot of leaders out there who will only attach their name to someone who has "arrived" (socially, financially, in business, ect.). It is too risky for them, or so they think, to believe in someone who could possibly fail, or not make a great name for themselves. I've even seen a leader blow somebody off when they were just beginning and needed help only to seek them out and attach their name to them when they got successful.

Well, I praise God He believed in them before they were big. Sort of like Zacheus. Jesus passed by everybody and went to this wierdo who was sitting in a tree. Admit it, wouldn't you have thought he was strange. Not somebody you would have dinner with if you were important. And what about the woman who poured perfume on Jesus's feet and began washing his feet with her hair. Also not cool in public. What if some woman walked up to your pastor and did that. Don't you think she would be escorted out in a white jacket. Then there were all those nasty smelly uncivilized fishermen Jesus went and found and called them to lead the charge in reaching all mankind.

I see alot of "hobknobbing" of "cool" leaders nowadays, and a blowing off of those who they do not think are as "cool", or successful, or that they are not sure will be successful. It's sad really.

I pray I never become like that. I pray I will always love and want to meet the "uncool", or the "not so beautiful", or the strange one nobody knows how to talk to. I pray I will always believe in those who need encouragement or who need a cheerleader to attempt to go after a dream. I pray I will love the unlovely and see the potential in people even when it is covered up by a lot of "junk" or a quirky facade. I know my Lord would.

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Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

Good post. I'll even pray that should you start to bypass the little person God will remind you of your heart on this day. I spent many years helping the little people that others bypassed.

I once was a street kid that asked a pastor for help. His response "You'll never make it off the streets. I'd be wasting my time." I have never forgotten that moment and when I'm about to forget God always brings that to my mind. It's not up to us whom he choses just to obey him and reach out. I'll meet that pastor in heaven one day and I'm going up to him and tell him I'm the one he threw back but God never did.