Monday, June 18, 2007

Paul Potts, "Britain's Got Talent" Semi-finals

I don't know about you, but I need a little inspiration this morning... so I am going to post another blog with Paul Potts. If you did not see his original performance on Britain's got talent that left the world speechless, go to this past blog.

If you do not know who Paul Potts is you will soon. He is a car phone salesman in Britain who decided to take a chance and go on a T.V. talent show to see what he could do. He gave an original performance that left the world speechless. He touched the world with a gift nobody knew he had. I'm not even sure he knew what an amazing gift he possessed. It reminds me of God when I watch this video. It reminds me that He is the God at making something phenomenal from nothing.


Jean Ohlerking said...

he is truly amazing...and i don't even really care for opera. but i find myself in tears listening to his awesome voice. wow. thanks for sharing.

The Eckerts said...

We don't have television, but it's stories like that that make me wish I did so I could follow them! Thanks for bringing me what I'd otherwise be missing. What a great story!