Monday, June 04, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I am so excited to be posting something and reading a few of the blogs I follow. I have actually laughed quite a bit these past 3-4 days because everything that has to do with technology lately breaks when I touch it. I am actually on my husbands laptop so I can communicate with the outside world for a few minutes.

My first laptop (an old one of Ken's which he called a dinasour) got water spilled on it by one of our beautiful children... imagine that. His next laptop which he gave to me when he got a new one died a couple of months ago, and it was pretty new. I then got demoted to the desktop. You'd think we had entered the stone age having to sit at a desk and not move while on the computer. Well, I am happy to say I have now killed the desktop. But that is not all... the printer when I tried to use it the last few times didn't work, and now is permanently not working. And the last piece of equipment I always like to talk about is my phone... it gets stuck on mute, and I have to throw it on the ground where it breaks apart (where the battery comes flying out) and put it back together for it to work.

So now you see why I am not allowed to touch technical equipment in our house. My husband, the computer genius, has not been able to figure either one of the computers out yet, and he can take them apart and put them together. I told Ken today Satan just wants us to be frustrated and not to be able to communicate with people because he knows what's going down in France.

So I just laugh knowing technical issues are no surprise to God and certainly not beyond his ability to fix when needed. Communication with people also cannot be thwarted by a few computer gliches. God has all that under his control also.

So go ahead Satan take your best shot. This is not our plan it is God's and it will not be thwarted. You are going down like Goliath in France and I can hardly wait to see it!



Jane-Jane said...

you go girl!

And I love your technical tap for the phone!

The Atkinson 6 said...

You tell him!

I with ya sista!

Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

Man that sounds like me this week. I can't get anything to work, including my phone. I've tried the throwing it down once before and that didn't help me so this time I had my son put it up for me nicely and I did without. Of course the hubby comes home and fixes it in one second. Go figure.

Jean Ohlerking said...

I have some grand kids who can fix a lot of that tech stuff for us. Is this what God meant when He said for us to become like little children?