Friday, June 15, 2007

My 100th Blog!!

My husband just told me that I surpassed my 100th blog and I am suppose to throw a party. I love that... anything for a party! This is actually my 102nd blog. Who would have thought I could think of that much to say (okay that's enough from the peanut gallery) and that anybody would actually read it.

I also want to say, "I love my "blogging buddies!" (and you know who you are) and hope there are many more years of blogging with you. I also think we will need to have a reunion in France once we get there. We'll think of some reason to celebrate. :-) Love to you all!!


Ken Witcher said...
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Tereasa said...

Actually, you're supposed to tell us 100 things about yourself! :)

You left a comment on my blog a couple weeks ago that you wanted to read my private blog about my daughter. The email address you left was not email, but your blog address. If you are comfortable, you can leave your email address in a comment and I will not publish it. Then I can send you an invitation to "Always be Here."

Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

Dang that's rough what Ken said about you. Congrats on all your milestones.