Friday, June 15, 2007

Dan Ohlerking & Brad Pitt

I was very surprised and honored to get a shout out from Dan Ohlerking earlier this week, who also put me on his blog list. His family started Children's Cup, a ministry I shared about a few blogs ago. He is the missions pastor at Healing Place church in Baton Rouge, La. and has been a great encouragement and adviser during all the decision making and creation of Catalyst France.

I actually just added him to my permanent blog list. (Sorry Dan, I thought you were on there since I regularly read your blog). You should check out his blog. It is a fun mixture of ministry, missions, personal life, and spiritual insight. Thanks Dan!!

Might I also add we both lived in Springfield, Mo. the same time Brad Pitt was in high school. I didn't know Dan, but I did know Brad Pitt... and that's a whole 'nother blog. :-)


The Eckerts said...

You knew Brad Pitt, no way! That's pretty neat.

dan ohlerking said...

yeah... me and brad... we got a lot in common. we both know gena. we've both lived in a/g mecca. and we both uhhh.... wait... that's it. yeah.

for real - thanks for the link, and the really cool intro.